Agency Support

A dedicated support contact person who knows you an your business.

It might sound a little weird getting ‘Agency Support’ from an Agency, but is not the typical Agency. Most of us are Ex-Googlers and we know there is a need among the smaller Agencies to get good and dependable support on Google Ads and other Google Marketing Solutions.


Google Agency Support is mostly for Google Badge holders

This means you have to meet with certain requirements (see:

If you don’t meet these requirements even if you already might have a badge, you might suddenly loose support from your dedicated contact at Google.

Most of the time your point of contact within Google (regarding smaller Agencies) changes every 3 months. This means every 3 months you have to explain to your new contact what you do, what your goals are for a specific campaign etc etc….!

Sometimes after having support for 3 months suddenly you notice you don’t have any point of contact anymore because they have decided to no longer support you at all for various reasons not always very clear why.

Agency Support


We want to provide these Agencies that don’t want to explain their business to a new contact every 3 months, or who have already suddenly lost support completely, or who just want to have a dedicated support contact with knowledge about Google Ads and other Google Marketing Solutions.

We will not stop supporting you if you don’t meet the amount Spend on Google ads for the last 90 days, or if your certification expired.

(Although we do advice all Agencies to keep track of their Certifications and the expiration dates and take the Exams on time to keep up with new developments within Google Ads and GMS, check it at ‘Academy for Ads’: )

How? provides a special Subscription for Agency Support.

You will have a dedicated support contact person who knows you and your Agencies Clients and their business.

He or She will follow your Clients accounts and will discuss the accounts with your Agency on a regular (pre scheduled frequency) basis depending on your wishes.

We can help your Agency prepare a proposal for a new Client and even help you present the proposal to your clients!

We have access to professional business intelligence and marketing tools with detailed insights from global markets all the way to small local communities.