Increase Online Sales

With a correct targeting we reach the right consumers

Need to increase your on-line sales?

The Challenge

As if you’re renting products (cars, machinery, cameras, …) as much as you’re selling products  (retail, machinery, softwares, ….) and your main goal is to increase your online sales , you need  to reach your highest-value customers online.

The Approach:

We can:

• Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to connect with consumers who’d already engaged with your brand,
• Expand their reach with Similar Audiences for Search, to reach online consumers who matched the profile of existing customers
• Use Customer Match to engage people with similar profiles and demographics to your existing customers.
With a correct targeting we reach the right consumers and ads will go from being a waste of money to being an investment.

The Results:

You will saw improvements like:

•Increase of the traffic to your site,
•Improve of your click through rate,
•Increase of your conversion rates,
•Reduce of your cost per acquisition.
Increase Online Sales