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Google Shopping Ads to promote products

Do you want to boost the sales of your online store? 

We help you attract customers with GOOGLE SHOPPING campaigns.



For companies that sell products, Shopping Ads are a powerful way to promote products as they appear in the shopping section but also in the images section, in Google Search and in YouTube for which 64% of shoppers say that YouTube influences their purchase decision.

The showcase ads drive influence at the start of the shopping journey and contribute in a 2x increase in brand after a user expands it.

Shopping ads give the customers all the information they need at a glance so they have a good sense of the product and its cost. That puts them further down the purchasing funnel and makes them more likely to click on your ad, make a purchase, and increase your ROI.

Shopping ads in search
Shopping ads in video

Our team will help you in:

  • optimize product data and structure your campaign for success,
  • define your bid strategy,
  • measure your shopping campaign performance,
  • use benchmarking data to get insights into your competitive landscape,
  • identify growth opportunities.
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